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"Uncle Daisy is about three friends: Uncle C, Uncle M and Uncle R.  Enter the Eclectic Rock World of Uncle Daisy, Musical Journalists.  They interpret the stories that capture their hearts and grip their souls and report them back to you as musical pieces."


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Uncle C has no desire to let himself be known by others. He is a sage that has travelled and has come to the realization that many do not wish to see, hear nor feel. The songs that blossom in him bite, denounce, cradle, and celebrate.


Uncle C's stance is to sing for those fighting the daily battle of finding their piece of happiness. Please listen carefully.

Uncle M's life story is not easily told. At times, one may think that he had several lives. This talented musician travelled through the Americas and Europe.  Music courses through his veins and has literally transformed him into a human orchestra mastering both engineering and creating skills.


In addition, Uncle M also knows that all projects are of no value without a warm touch of human understanding. 

Listen and feel their music. 



Uncle R is definitely an enigma, seemingly connected to the unseen forces of life that drive us all. He is like a reception and emission tower, capturing messages, sounds and textures and brilliantly infusing these notions into Uncle Daisy’s creations; to be later re-transmitted to you.


Uncle R has learned how to make words resonate and make his notes oscillate in such a way that you always want to hear more.​



"Who are Uncle Daisy? A secret brotherhood? No. Rather the opposite… They want you to concentrate on the music and the message, not its players.  Never to be seen, just listen to who they really are."

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